Who We Are

Comprising trade-qualified, CEC accredited electricians, the team at Sunset Solar makes understanding and choosing the right solar solution an effortless experience.

Our unrivaled expertise allows us to keep pace with a technology-based industry that is constantly changing and evolving. Consequently, we are at the forefront of best-practice when it comes to cutting-edge installations and compliance with Australian standards.

At Sunset Solar, we believe alternative sources of energy are the future. Our recognition of the increasing public appetite for renewable energy, combined with a scarcity of professional, innovative and honest installation companies led us to establish the business in 2010.

Constant upward pressure on energy costs coupled with unsustainable environmental practices are the driving forces behind our resolve to provide quality solar installations, with an emphasis on flexibility, affordability and individuality.

In many instances, solar providers consist simply of a sales team that contracts out its installations. The end result is often a sub-standard installation sold on cost alone, with no consideration given to the client’s individual needs and site-specific engineering requirements.

The fully-qualified Sunset Solar team, however, is so much more than that. We understand that everybody uses power differently, which is why we work with our customers to tailor, develop and install a system that will suit their individual energy usage.


No matter what the size of your property, our experienced team is fully equipped to manage everything from small to large-scale solar installations, from conception to completion, hassle-free.

We are proud to be a 100% Australian-owned company, committed to the use of Australian products. Throughout our installations we use only tier one solar panels, sourced from industry-leading manufacturers with exceptional warranties for extra peace of mind.

To sweeten the deal even further, Sunset Solar is committed to replacing inverters, batteries and solar panels free of charge, should any issues arise within the product warranty period.
With ever-increasing power costs and government rebates still available, there’s never been a better time to use solar 24/7 and kiss your power bill goodbye!

Let us identify the right solar solution for you. Email us today to book your free, no-obligation, personalised energy audit, including a thorough on-site assessment of your home or business.


Similarly, factors including location and design vary greatly. Choosing the right solar solution for you is an important and sometimes complex decision.
Will Grid Connected or Battery Storage solar benefit you the most? What kind of system will best suit the aesthetics of your property? Should you be looking at 3kw, 5kw or 10kw installations?
Don’t let yourself get confused or overwhelmed. Contact Sunset Solar and our team will come and view your property, talk through your options, circumstances and budget, and tailor a solution to meet your own specific needs. We have one goal – to make sure you receive maximum benefit from your solar installation.
At home … we’ll install the right system at the right price, while simultaneously adding value to your property with an asset that will continue to deliver savings for decades to come.
At work … we’ll streamline your running costs to near non-existence and make commercial power tariffs work for your business, not against it. Why not save on your tax bill while simultaneously promoting an environmentally conscious image?