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Electrical Services & Maintenance

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The Sunset Solar team comprises qualified Clean Energy Council accredited electricians, with particular expertise when it comes to the installation and ongoing maintenance of solar power systems.

Whether you’re a first-time solar user looking for advice on a new installation, or you’re looking to repair or upgrade an existing system, our team will get the job done to the highest standards.

Let us use our extensive knowledge to develop an individualised plan to reduce your energy consumption for environmental and financial gain. We’ll make sure your power consumption is optimised during times when your system is generating the most solar power, and that you’re using solar power instead of energy from the grid during the more expensive, peak times.

Did you know, installing grid battery storage can have major advantages, even without solar panels? A battery can store energy from the grid at less expensive off-peak times, which can then be utilised during peak hours when power can be up to three times more expensive!

We’ll advise you on what additional energy efficiency measures you can take within your property including the installation of Solar HW, programmable smart appliances, off-peak metres, energy efficient lighting, solar pumps and solar lighting.

Whether you need a mains upgrade to the shed for your 20KW solar or require a remote pumping solution, we’ve got you electrically covered.

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